Men…..are u asking for trouble?!

I mean come on hitting on a happily married woman, are you asking for trouble or what. Do you think that if I cheat on my husband with you that I wouldn’t cheat on you with somebody else? Come on are you thinking at all?! I mean yeah you see a pretty woman and she seems like she’s got it all, great mom making money,  you know has the life but did you notice that she was married?! If you really thought about it and you got what you wanted and she left her husband for you?! Would she really be that great after all??? Wouldn’t you be worried that she would do the same thing to you?! Single Man need to go for single women and stop chasing after all the people who already taken. These girls see these guys who seem like great dads and perfect husbands and so they want to be with them but they don’t realize is things behind the curtain aren’t always as glorious as it looks. If that married man who such a great dad such great husband would leave his wife to cheat with the tramp like you did obviously he’s not so great after all and again what makes you think that he won’t do it to you he did it for you eventually you’re going to get old to and he’s going to do it with someone else!! My exes like that sing like the perfect guy real sweet everything looks good on the outside but real shady behind the curtains!!! Puts on the front for everybody but is cruel! But that’s okay I finally learned to see you through the bullshit and now some other bitches dealing with him and all of his problems….. If you see a person take them for what they’re worth because normally they’re not going to change one in 1 million might actually want to change and make the change for themselves but look at the whole story look at the big picture and see if there really the true person that they put on to be.


Really, do girls not realize?! & Intro.

Do girls and young women not realize what kind of impression they make on the world putting twerking videos and bosting about being so drunk they don’t remember it when u have a baby only days old?! I mean come on!!!! I’m not trying to be judge mental but do you think before u post?! I needed to start this blog just to get things off my chest, nothing major but if u follow my posts I’m sure u’ll probably be able to relate to most! I am just a stay at home mom with 3 kids and a wonderful husband. I know all women probably say that but I am sure proud to say that I can truly say that. My husband and I have one of the most amazing, understanding, and trusting relationships. I’ve never trusted a man 100% like I can him!!!  But the rest of my life nootttt soo prefect!! So let me start by saying I could write a book! I mean I know most people blow things out of proportion but my life has either been really awesome or just straight up shitty!  I grew up an only child without my dad! (definite daddy issues, was rough till my teenager years than made a complete flip to all girl, heels and everything hot pink…. But I feel this gave me the best and worst of both worlds I know how to handle myself and yet still take care of myself like a lady.  Served in the Armed Forces for 5 years and VERY PROUD of it)   I know my life seems so normal but to me it’s so full of soo many things that take soo much time and attention! I mean my kids, I am a damn good mom but I know I could be better, more artsy. U know like more things I could do that are hands on and giving my full attention to the kids. Sometimes I feel I get wrapped up in housework or that favorite show that’s on tv and maybe not giving them the attention I should. But it seems in life that things happen that remind me, they are only little once and maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on them and ease up a little but at the same time when I ease up they start to take that inch and run a mile. They are back talking and slouching on their chores. Seems there’s no perfect middle…. It seems every once in while I have to tighten down kick their little butts in gear! I mean I wanna baby them and love them but I don’t wanna set them up for failure lAter in life bc mommy does everything for them. I mean when I was in basic training I met 17/18 year old young ladies who had no idea how to run a washer or dryer! And I have a cousin who would just die if her mother didn’t do everything for her. I mean she used to do her book reports in school, pays all her bills, even watches her newborn baby more than she does!  ( I know bc everyone is always saying how the grandmother has the baby most the day) and then my cousin wonders y the baby won’t stop crying for her, it’s bc that baby is going to have a better bond with grandma bc she has him mostly, he will feel like grandma is mommy and once that happens it will be too late to change it and than the mom will only feel bad that she misses out on that bond! See I know this bc as a good soldier is taught its mission first and I sent my kids to live with this same aunt while I choose to deploy, thinking I was making the best decision for my career in the Army and financially it would help my family. Well I got hurt, had to leave Iraq and come home early than was going to be medically discharged but instead I pulled my family care plan and got my babies back and got out the Army! But now I realize I can never get that 1 1/2 back. When I came home my daughter didn’t even know who I was and unfortunately my aunt had my kids calling her and her husband “mom & dad”! That was totally unacceptable to me, we had those talks before I left and I had made it clear why I was leaving and she promised to not let them forget who I was, to make sure they seen my picture daily and I called almost everyday, even when I was deployed! It was one if not the most hurtful things that’s ever happened to me in my life! I would of never thought my own aunt would of tried to take my kids and use my deployment against me. I know most of you are thinking “well you should of never deployed,” but put urself in my shoes for just a moment. See I joined the Army when I was 18 and loved it, wanted to retire and make my life in the Army, I loved my MOS (job) and I had one big family there. While in the Army I met a Marine and fell head over heels in love with this man, as I do bc I wear my heart on my sleeve and love to the fullest! Anyways I met this Marine and ended up pregnant (another long story) twice! My son was 3 months when I found out that I was pregnant with my little girl. My then husband, the Marine, was mean and cruel, stayed deployed and I did most of both pregnancies by my self! But I was young and dumb and thought he would change for me! Lthought that if I kept on my path to being a wide and career in the Army everything would just fall into place. Little did I know I was hoping for things that would NEVER happen! But I know that I tried, I tried everything I could to make both marriage/mommy and Army life work! I did not make the best decisions looking back, I probably should of got out the Army the first pregnancy (bc they give u the option) and followed my then husband, the Marine around to his bases cause I’m sure our different deployments , and being I’m different states at separate bases didn’t help anything! He got lonely and so I cheated to get back at him. It was.a mess!!!! I wonder if it could of ever worked but than I realize I wouldn’t be with my husband now. He’s just a good ole simple, plain jane type of guy. But he’s so good to me! I love him so much and idk how I would redo things in life if I could but I would want to end up with my wonderful husband now. Things were hell but now I’m truly happy! Anyways I’m rambling now so I think it’s time for me to hit the sack so I can spend a wonderful day with my kiddos tomorrow. Goodnight all, if anyone reads this. Hope it was entertaining and u can relate on some level. Follow my blog for more, I hope to write each evening before bed. 

Kids just don’t understand

So I am a mom of 3 younger kids. I want to be able to give them everything they want but yet at the same time I want to teach them the value of a dollar and that buying their own stuff makes it show it value. I had a long talk with them today, trying to tell them about the worse off kids but I don’t think it’s sinking in like if like it to. So I will be calling a local shelter tomorrow and setting up a day and time to which the kids and I can go volunteer, maybe doing that once a month will humble us all. I think if every family should make one day a month or even one day every 2/3 months, not only to help at the shelter but to keep ourselves grounded.
On another note we have our 6 day vaca coming up in a week, I am soo excited!!! We are going to have a great time!!! Than it’s back to school and lonely days for me again. (Interrupted by my son who is crying bc something off his Halloween cartoon movie scars him and he just can’t sleep)
I am soooo ready for that!!!! I need more time to be alone. Sometimes I feel like I’m loosing my mind! I love my kids to death but I just cannot stand the whole baby-whining type of shit!!! It drives me crazy!!! And now I feel like a bad mom bc I’m not soft enough.
I believe and understand that children imitate their parents but how do I change myself so quickly….. I don’t want to see my daughter cuss and get angry but I do it…. I know telling her not to isn’t going to work as long as I’m still doing it but how do I remind myself to not do things like that?!!!!! Totally lost on this concept….. I truly have no answer for my question !!! I hope to eventually get some followers with great feedback, u know the kind that makes u think, even if it’s through someone else’s eyes! But gtg and hit the sack. Night WP